Spring Cleaning!!!!! Bevel Blow Out at 50% off

Walter found some amazing new models in New York last month where all the new designs and colours

are released for the Summer and Fall.   Some of the frames and sunglasses are already arriving!

S0, we need to make room for all of the amazing new eyewear and

concepts, so we are offering ALL of our in stock Bevel frames and sunglasses at an unheard of

savings of 50% off!!  Yes, FIFTY percent off!

Some of the irresistible offerings are included below to whet your appetite

Amelia in matte maroon swirl colour

$375  now only  $187.50



Orange is the New Fruit in the Deep Sea

$380   now only  $190

Check in the Brown Mint

$350  now only  $175

3mm above  – in the Blue Moon Lavender Blue

 $570 now only $285 

Birdie  – in the Purple Sky Blue

 $380  now only $190


Kids and teens up to age 15:

 FREE lenses with frame purchase, upgrade to Transitions Grey for only $45

FREE one-time lens replacement for any reason in 15 months

2nd Pair or more Promo:

Purchase any style of lens in your prescription and a second set of lenses

are 35-50% off or FREE – great if you want sunglasses, a sports pair, or dedicated

office/computer glasses, especially if you like Transitions!

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