February is the month for lovers of ANNE et VALENTIN

If you have been flirting with the romance of a new pair of eyewear,

NOW is the time to treat yourself to the indulgence of a unique and rare masterpiece of

Art and Design for your face. Of course, along with your frame must also come amazing optics

to reduce strain on your eyes without straining your wallet.

Some of the irresistible offerings are included below to whet your appetite

Fire in the Raspberry Tortoise colour … goes out to women of character whose little faces belie their bold personality.

$445   (with reader lenses included at no charge)

Octet in the Smoky Grey with luscious red temples – Feminine and forward, this frame h;as nothing to hide and everything to offer

$395 (with reader lenses included at no charge)

Pinxit – a limited edition new arrival which is at once playful and elegant, it helps the face pop in a graphic and energized manner


Objet 4 – the last of an amazing series whose construction was patterned after Art Deco styling

$425 (with reader lenses included at no charge)

Factory Six – whose clean curves, if not girly then certainly very feminine, lend assurance and allure, but never try too hard.

$415 (with reader lenses included at no charge)


Kids and teens up to age 15:

 FREE lenses with frame purchase, upgrade to Transitions Grey for only $45

FREE one-time lens replacement for any reason in 15 months

2nd Pair or more Promo:

Purchase any style of lens in your prescription and a second set of lenses

are 35-50% off or FREE – great if you want sunglasses, a sports pair, or dedicated

office/computer glasses, especially if you like Transitions!

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